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A forensic scenario in the Swedish case against Assange

by Marcello Ferrada de Noli
"- What drives you?"
"- It is the anger, in any case." (The impassioned answer by Dr Lotti Helström, Head of the Stockholm Emergency Clinic for Raped Women AVK, to Aftonbladet, on what was  her motivation in her AVK job) [31]
“The gender war is as I said an extremely stupid idea. Gender-related hatred, likewise. Women who hate men - men as a collective, most men or men in a clump - are probably damaged. Most often they make up their own (individual) trauma to a general truth. Men who hate women - women as a collective, the majority of women or women in a clump -  are also injured. They elevate their own traumas or disappointments to a general truth”. . . “As for the relationship between men and women there exists an old 60's refrain telling which the right thing to do, indeed is: make love not war.” (Comment by Trenterx in a Flashback forum digging on the Swedish case against Assange) [32]

 “However, true egalitarian feminism and extreme state-"feminism" are two different things. State-feminism is the cultural and political movement aimed to establish - with the help of the authority - institutional feminist privileges and legislations based in a vulgar ideology of gender-hatred or contempt, or in simple opportunism. For the radical "feminists" behind the architecture of State-feminism, the gender-egalitarianism mantra is just a tactical cover in their strategic to achieve gender supremacy. In this sense, State-Feminism is the replacement of one abusive power for another.” (The Professors blogg) [33]

 “It is the role of good journalism to take on powerful abusers, and when powerful abusers are taken on, there's always a bad reaction. So we see that controversy, and we believe that is a good thing to engage in.” (Julian Assange, Interview with The Guardian) [34]

Die Affäre Assange. . .“It is a symbolic issue” (Sonja Schwarzenberger, a leading Swedish feminist journalist, interviewed in “Schweden: Strenges Sex-Strafrecht”) [35]

Part III
A likely forensic examination scenario in the case Assange  -  Public Clinics with private political agendas  -  Alienating the movement  -  Divide et vinces Assange - Paramountly, it is not about women rights  - The symbolic issue of Julian Assange in Sweden  

PART I: "Pseudo-Science in Swedish Rape Trials. With an Introduction on the Origins of State-"Feminism" in Sweden" - The radical academic "feminists" - So, is Assange the one to held responsible the damage to Sweden's international prestige?  - State-feminism in a nutshell. Appendix: Appendix to Part I: More on Feminism and State-Feminism. Strawman argumentation against critic to the state-feminism factor in the Assange casePART II: Prologue.The Case Assange and the Misuse of the PTSD Diagnosis in Swedish Rape Trials".  PART IV: Evaluating the PTSD-certification issuing at the AVK clinic - Dr Lotti Helström's inaccurate information about PTSD epidemiology - A wrong impression about the character of PTSD  - What is the actual value of PTSD diagnosis in rape litigation trials after all? – The AVK clinics neglects addressing the PTSD-malingering issue,  a professional must in rape-litigation cases - Material – Analysis - Conclusion [media 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

A likely forensic examination scenario* in the case Assange

Reports in the prolific underground investigations around the Swedish case against Assange - all amid the hermetic silence of the mainstream media - indicate that a "triumph card" in possession of Prosecutor Marianne Ny would be a certain forensic certificate issued to one of the women-accusers most possible issued at the Stockholm Emergency Clinic for Raped Women (Akut Mottagning för Våldtagna Kvinnor, Söder Hospital), for brevity referred thereafter as AVK [for data and a synoptic description of the AVK see Part II]. 

The Police protocols of the interrogations in the Assange case stated that "SW" - one of the Assange accusers - had approved at the Police Station that the forensic certificate could be requested ("S ger sitt medgivande till inhämtande av rättsintyg", at page 11 of the protocol, Swedish version, "Police interrogation of SW") [37].

The leading newspaper Dagens Nyheter previously informed that the AVK clinic have issued forensic expert-statements (rättsintyg) at rape trials in "most of the rape cases in the Stockholm area" [24]. For her part, Dr Lotti Helström - the clinic head - had publicly acknowledged AVK's own initiative-taking towards the issuing of such certificates with the special purpose to be used by them in litigation cases. Helström have even declared to the press that "No one else issue forensic certificates for our patients. If we would not have asked for those (forensic certificates), no one else would have done that, at all." [38].

(Note that a manifested main objective of the AVK clinic - as inferred from media declarations - is to obtain a higher number of convicted men for rape in Sweden through their "forensic certificates", for which Lotti Helström [at left] pressures the police authority to further increase the number of rape-investigations on the base of the AVK own "forensic" documenting of reported cases. However, a real certified forensic-medicine specialist - Dr Martina Olsson Frisk - who have studied at the court several certificates issued by Helström, characterizes those certificates as "catastrophic" and adds that Lotti Helström fails to distinguish "objective injuries" from "the patients' descriptions of their feelings") [24].

An informed source communicated to the Professors blogg that a visit of SW to the AVK clinic have taken place with "99 per cent of certainty", and that the visit would have occurred the 20 of August. Public conjectures have given instead the date 21 of August. I wish to stress that I have no further confirmation of such reports.

On the other hand, as no physical injury was reported to exist in the "rape cases", it is highly likely that the documentation would have referred in that case to mental-status related sequelae. This aspect profiled our hypothesized scenario to the  analysis of mental-health status and psychiatric diagnoses performed by the AVK clinic. A main material for this investigation is the forensic documentation and statements delivered by Dr Lotti Helström in a court trial in Uppsala 2009  and reviewed by the Court of Appeals in Stockholm 2010. The details of the case with regard to the forensic-psychiatric material are treated in Part IV in this series.

* "A scenario is defined as a description of several possible descriptions of a situation. The purpose of having a scenario is to list a combination of events that describe how a situation might occur in the future." 

Public Clinics with private political agendas  

That the state does funnel public expenditure to clinics for the psychiatric-health and wellbeing of its citizens is just logic. Likewise, that the state would try to increase the juridical security of its citizens by helping them objectively to document sustained psychic injury to be presented at the courts. And I regard this particularly necessary in the cases of rape, torture victims and other forms of abusive violence including the one exercised by the authority against those defending a just or noble cause.

But what if such clinics are transformed - or were so devised - to run an ideological and political agenda to favour interests of a selected group among the state citizens, against the interest of the principle justice for all? In fact, the official opening ceremony of the AVK clinic was led by Birgitta Sevefjord, a politician from the establishment's "Vänster" Party - an organization known for extreme feminist views and at a time led by Gudrun Schyman (who compared Swedish men with Afghan Taliban). 

Or worst, what if the forensic documentation in those clinics is done in a biased, false and deceiving fashion directed to obtain the arresting of innocent men (in the referred case) by prosecutors, or even convictions to imprisonment at the courts on behalf of the part they privilege?  In other words, what if the clinics are using public funds to cheat justice and the public?

Or what if the psychiatric-forensic documentation at such clinics is not professionally performed by psychiatrists, but done and signed by gynaecologists. And what if the examiner is in fact a feminist gynaecologist with such extreme views as to recommend immigrant brides to puncture themselves to produce discrete bleeding in order to deceive "virginity" in their wedding night?

And further, what if the health authorities – fully aware of what is going on – refuses to intervene? Are they not de factum  approving that such flawed, inaccurate health-status certifications will make the difference between acquittals and convictions - between life and freedom and years in prison? Even in those trials otherwise deprived of reliable forensic evidence, why to let pseudo science surrogate common sense?

Alienating the movement 

And even worst, what if a Swedish constellation of radical-feminists [see Note 39] and populist politicians are applauding, unseen from the benches far back in the darkness, the excesses showed in the AVK scene in hope for new repetitions? Or a great final, like the crescendo composed for the verdict of their dreams, Assange's conviction?

Why? Because it seems to be engraved in the primeval fanatic design of such collective believes (like in religion) the perennial searching for always newer, harder laws, to regulate "on earth" the natural love between humans. But is all from a movement in it self alienated of human touch and compassion spirit. 

Freudianism - as the modern time's faith serving modern theocracy - is a destructive, anti-human philosophy that filters away natural reality and wishes to replace it with archetypes of guilt and mistrust. It is not about rights of for the humans, it is instead about the rights for an establishment deprived of humanity. In the electronic era, this era, the "threat" to those in power is believed to be posed by electronic heros like Julian Assange. In older times was Miguel Enríquez or before him Bertrand Russell or Che Guevara, and before Lincoln or Tolstoj, and Giordano Bruno, or Sidharta Gautama, Diogenes, and so on.

However, that Assange's Wikileaks would be a course for modern society is a wrong political perception from the part of those in power: The ideology of Transparency in government brought about by Assange and Wikileaks could become in fact their survival. Ergo, the campaigns against this philosophy, against this organization, and against Julian Assange as a person, can result only self-destructive. And also because there is no weaponry in Assange's Wikileaks other than civil courage.

In the Swedish domestic front things got complicated, because Assange was perceived also as an ideological - if not political -  catalysis factor among an emergent however ideologically confounded political youth (e.g. Pirate Party), also heirs of the electronic civilization and to a certain extent matured in the blog or Internet-front skirmishes around the FRA-legislation and the Pirate Bay trial. Inspired by Wikileaks they got closer and closer in revealing some secrets of old Swedish relics and uses of government. 

But every time one gets close to revealing faked mysteries, the cathedrals of power send anew their priests and these change for us one sin for another, and new collective psychological-debts emerges. There is no doubt on that the use of Clinical Psychology and Social Psychology categories have been widely used by governments and establishments particularly during and after the psychological-warfare campaigns devised to convince Europa's public that the invasions in the oil-rich Middle East were legitimate and necessary to, for instance, inhibit Sadam Hussein's mass-destruction weaponry, etc. In Sweden it was also essayed around the military participation in Afghanistan and in association with the promotion of the FRA-legislation.

Divide et vinces

During this period we observe the re-installation of the gender-related theme, in conflicting terms, now with a debut in younger generations. Freudian intellectuals at the service of those in power devised a number of psychological campaigns, some of them improperly attributed to the new "social network" phenomenon.

When the establishment decided the using and crucifixion of Julian Assange (I have essayed a political explanation of the plot elsewhere), the Talk-about program was put in action. It is about using people's "grey zones" manufactured and exported by the Freudians themselves. It is their set of codes and clinical vocabulary but in a popular version.

One among the older priests the establishment uses to send down to "clarify" the youth by means of replacing "old" sins for "new" ones, has been  lawyer Claes Borgström [picture at left], in several occasions. I still remember when years ago he was sent to explain male school-children that - if I may construct a blunt synopsis - they should not be ashamed to play with dolls. The old Freudian trick in fact was to transfer the boys they should feel shame of playing ball or "combat" games. I hear it all in the notable P1 (a classical State-Feminist "cultural institution". A Radio channel, pubic owned).  

Paramount, it is not about women rights

In a discussion earlier this year organized by the Women-Lobby in the aftermath of the anti-Assange campaign Prataomdet (talk about) Claes Borgström brought the thesis that it is the time for us men to replace the sin-notion of "collective guilt" (about the endemic and eternal suffering of women in the "patriarchal" system) for the sin-notion of "responsibility". It is obvious what is expected by  the lawyer of the Assange accusers that we have to reflect and do consequently in order to "work with" this new psychological challenge against our rebellious hypothalamus. 

It is politics, all through, it is about power - if not about power abuse - and the strategies devised to keep the plebe in line.

It is paramount not about women rights; definitely. These rights are already well cemented in the Swedish law as well as in the social consciousness of the public. And it is hardly about rape. NO rational and decent person in Sweden is for rape or could possibly defend a rape act. 

The aim of this veritable anti-science, pro-Freudian sexist crusade seems instead to advance towards the affective, the social, and the aesthetical negation of "natural" individuals - men and women, to be transformed en ideologized robots under a supremacist moral. For pushing forward such "culture", and to concrete it into legislation, they need to "demonstrate" that rapists are all on the loop, that every man is a potential predator (all "men are animals"). They will struggle to make the statistics showing a "truth" as close possible to their faith and principal prejudice. They know that the AVK is doing the work in that direction. Heighten number of flawed, inaccurate or false-conclusions in "forensic certificates" will produce more convictions - regardless of course the issue of justice.

And at the end, this "sexier" increased "statistics" will serve to legitimate and argue for a further radicalization (read, a further narrowing) of the rape concept, and afterwards, what? The entire gender-relationship concept?

The "symbolic" issue of Julian Assange in Sweden

The other politician invited by the AVK's Lotti Helstrom to address their inauguration ceremony was nothing less than Claes Borgström, the actual radical-feminist lawyer behind the instigating of the accusation against Julian Assange in Sweden (an initiative proudly publicized by his partner Thomas Bodström at their law firm Bodström & Borgström, himself also member of the Social democratic Party and the former Swedish minister of Justice. He would have met recently with Lotti Helström in a reception invited by the head of the Gotland Province and who previously was Director of the Karolinska Hospital during the time it flourished there (at the hospital SESAM clinicLotti Helström's notorious "bloody" advices to  immigrant brides.

Otherwise we find elsewhere Dr Lotti Helström and lawyer Claes Borgström in common ideological declarations on the issue of further hardening the implementations of rape-laws. But we find also the Assange accusers' lawyer Claes Borgström addressing ideology together with feminist journalist Sonja Schwarzenberger [picture right] in their meeting called by The Women-Lobby aimed to analyze their notorious anti-Assange campaign (above metioned) #Prataomdet (Talk about). Claes Borgström acknowledged there very distinctly: "This is absolutely a political issue" ("Det här är absolut en politisk fråga").

For all these religious-like activists operating in the Swedish duck pond, most of them with their public-funded professions, Julian Assange is - as acknowledged - just a political "symbol", a juridical trophy of blood and soul they can arrest, foot-cuff, denigrate, extradite, or sale further for a final crucifixion in some NATO compound in exchange for better international feminist positions, and from there impose their agenda to "uncivilized" colonies and "honour cultures".

In sum: The Affair Assange in Sweden was indeed, and still is - as Sonja Schwarzenberger has acknowledged - a symbolic issue [35]. "The case" was a formidable propaganda weapon created with the collaboration of these religious frenzied radical-feminists in their struggle for the re-emerging of an Inquisitional world.

And the issue with Symbols is that they "throw together" (according to the etymologic roots, from the Greek σύμβολον = sýmbolon) [40]. What do they care this special breed of feminists about altruistic, universal principles, beyond their national-chauvinistic, narrow minded religious cult? How do they put together the contradictory formula "Patriotic Swedish - NATO allegiance"?, or their national-culture fetish and the selling of the nation's integrity? Who has thrown together their ranks for the task to crucify Julian Assange and the universal values he really represents?

One wonders what - if any - political philosophy would enlighten the souls of such gendercentric movement of ego-centered chauvinists. They really do believe that Sweden’s duck pond should be the model in those regards to the rest of the world, to those primitive and gender-illiterates that would have lived over 20 millions years amid an "anti-natural", equivocal concept of family values and love. The nearest I can come to think of it would be fascism. Yet, fascism has hated many things, but not the institution of family.

What possible altruism these anti-humankind feminists can see beyond the Freudian contemplation of their microscopic navels? 

Because Transparency exercised in government, and hopefully in all governments, will diminish the necessity for Authority and enlighten the praxis of Democracy. And this can give better guarantee, or hope,  that the survival of the entire planet can be accomplish with peace and dignity. In other words, a future amid truth will be the only possible civilization. The solely alternative is the perpetuation of war and the risk for an end without winners.

The analysis that follows in Part IV demonstrates that the serious criticism put forward in the precedent sections - principally about the scientific mockery AVK has done with a psychiatric PTSD diagnosis as presented at the Swedish courts  - it is unfortunately a well grounded denunciation. If any such mental-status evaluation and "posttraumatic diagnosis" done in similar terms by the AVK would be presented in the Assange case in the eventuality of a trial, that certificate should serve best the cause of justice by been dismissed straight in merit these factual arguments below. Otherwise, they should be scrutinized by an objective panel of PTSD experts, rather from abroad, and independent of government, political establishment or authority.

Notes and References

Notes/References 1 to 20 are seen in Part I

Notes/References 21 to 30 are seen in Part II

Notes/References 31 to 40 (Part III) here below:

31. The newspaper Aftonbladet interviewed Lotti Helström about her job as head of the "Emergency Clinic for Raped Women" in Stockholm, 28 August 2007. In a passage of the published interview it reads:

"Vad driver dig?"
"– Det är nog den där ilskan i alla fall. Och feedbacken från patienterna, de blir bättre och är glada att vi finns. Och så kamratskapen här."

32. Trenterx's full text, in Swedish:  

"Könskrig är som sagt en extremt korkad ide. Könshat likaså. Kvinnor som hatar män, män som kollektiv, de flesta män, män i klump, är nog skadade; oftast har det upphöjt egna trauman till generell sanning. Män som hatar kvinnor, kvinnor som kollektiv, de flesta kvinnor, kvinnor i klump är också skadade; upphöjer egna trauman eller besvikelser till generell sanning. OK, män har mer makt än kvinnor. I genomsnitt. Men kvinnor är långt ifrån maktlösa. Män är inte generellt mot lika rättigheter, och kvinnor är inte generellt för. Kön är långt ifrån den enda dimension som är relevant när vi talar om jämlikhet. Termen könskrig romantiserar våld och krig. Finns det några krig utan dödsoffer? Vem är det man vill se död? Jag förvånar mig att så många begåvade (?) personer lånar sig till naiv krigsromantik. När det gäller förhållandet mellan män och kvinnor finns det ju en gammal 60-talsparoll som är den enda rätta: make love not war."


35. "Die Affäre Assange hat einen symbolischen Charakter", as translated by the interviewer. Sonja Schwarzenberger only hears saying in Swedish " är en symbolisk fråga".

37. Förhör med SW, 2010-08-26, diarienr: 0201-K246314-10, page 11

38. "Ingen annan skriver rättsintyg på våra patienter. Om de inte begärs av oss begärs de inte alls." In "Åklagare struntar i våldtäktsbevis", Arbetaren, 7 November 2007.

39.  A Swedish political constellation of radical-feminists:
a) prominent radical feminists such as "Talk about" anti-Assange  journalists controlling the monopolistic Swedish main stream media (private and "public service"), in partnership with primitive-fundamentalist women-organizations and

b) Christian-fundamentalist politicians, lawyers and radical feminists prosecutors of the reference group for the updating (radicalizing) of the sexual-offences legislation. E. g  lawyer Thomas Bordström and partner Claes Borgström, prosecutor Marianne Ny, etc. Together with,
c) the political parties in and out government competing which dances more neo-feminism  in the national populist contest.


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