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Swedish Radio incorrectly referring Professors Blogg's theses on Swedish case against Assange

The Scientist and The Copyrights. Ferrada de Noli, acrylic on canvas, Stockholm 1980

The State owned Swedish Radio, Channel Swedish Radio International (P6) broadcasted today a program titled Wikileaks vs. Swedish tabloid Expressen. Well, Wikileaks have never initiated hostilities against Expressen or the Swedish media. It is not only my opinion: It has in fact never been the case.
The program consisted in interviews made by SR with WikiLeaks spokesman Kristin Hrafsson and a rebuttal by Expressen's Editor-in-chief Thomas Mattsson. During the interview with Kristin Hrafsson the Swedish Radio journalist mentioned me by name, however referring my opinions in quite inexact terms.
This is the text with the misrepresenting of my opinions aired by Swedish Radio International in today's program (8 March 2012, 15:04):

"We can talk about feminism again because certain WL supporters seems to say that what is going on is a feminist plot to get Julian Assange. We got for example WikiLeaks supporter Ferrada de Noli, a former professor, who says there is a social democratic feminist working together even all the way with arms companies to try to get Julian Assange. This is part of the media image around WL right now."

To start with my academic responsibilities in Sweden: I am not a "former professor". My Swedish current academic title, as conferred to me in 2007 is Professor Emeritus. Further, I am active both at Stockholm University as Senior Advisor (Projekt ledare) at the Dept of Immunology, and as scientific member (alternate) at the Swedish Ethics Committee for Research (EPN) – an assignment by the Swedish Government. In fact, during the next week: a) I am scheduled for lecturing at Stockholm University, Dept. of Immunology 16 of March; b) I am scheduled to participate as reporting scientific member (föredragare) in the meeting of the Ethics Committee for Research in Uppsala 14 March. 

Improper reference

The Swedish Radio improper reference to my academic position - in viewing the fashion in which Swedish Radio otherwise normally refers to professors with the same  kind of position - makes appear their error as likely fortuitous. These are the facts: In the search for "professor emeritus" at the Swedish Radio own search engine it is found over one thousand items (1 070), whereas it is found only one "former professor". [1] Regardless if non-intentional, I ask the error to be rectified.

1 070 "professor emeritus" (above searching), whereas it is found only one "former professor" (below)

A misrepresentation about my theses on State-feminism in connection to the Swedish case against Assange
1. I have NEVER written or said any thing at all about "social democratic feminists working together with arms companies" to try get Julian Assange. Moreover, I have never mentioned “arms companies” at all, either in reference with the case Assange, or in reference with feminists, or with social democrats, or whatsoever.
2. Professors blogg – a publication (see banner on top) “On Human Rights For All” - have clearly stated that strongly support the same struggle for gender equality in society that true egalitarian feminists pursue. This have included active propositions on equality in salary form the part of the Swedish State towards academics with similar merits regardless gender. My positions on these regards are well known. For instance, the resource site Justice For Assange (which Julian Assange himself expressly pointed 2011 to Swedish and world journalists as the reliable reference on the case) [2] has listed several of my analyses and opinion articles, among other Professor Ferrada Noli on the nature of ’State Feminism’ in Sweden .

Facts on Swedish "feminists" and the Assange case
To state that a variety of known Swedish feminists have used the Swedish case against Assange as a platform to politically agitate further radicalization of the legislation is to state only facts. 
A panorama of the actual relationships played by these sort “feminism”  in the case Assange are explained in the article Feministerna i Assange-härvan gör våld på feminismen”, by Helene Bergman, the celebrated feminist and former program director of the  known feminist program ”Radio Ellen” in Swedish Radio.
Known right-wing "radical" Swedish feminists have themselves stated, "Julian Assange is a symbol" for their cause, and actively participated in mediatic anti-Assange campaigns or even publicly celebrated its success. Organizations of left-wing "radical" Swedish feminists  - to the best of my knowledge - have never taken distance from such deeds or positions. Moreover, the chairman of the Swedish Party Feminist Initiative, Gudrun Schyman, has publicly associated the case Assange with the need of "a better legislation than the one we have".  
Right-wing social democratic politicians with a recognized ultra "feminist" agenda - such as Bordström & Borgström - take pride themselves in representing the plaintiff accusing Assange. For instance Thomas Bodström - a former Minister of Justice - with his own words, in his blog "Bodström Samhället" -- as I have referred already in Newsmill His partner, the social-democratic politician, known fundamentalist feminist and former Ombudsman for gender issues, declared himself in the Guardian 8 December 2010 being instigator of the legal case against Assange. Equally public are the positions of prominent politicians of the "Left Party" (formerly “The Communists") such as the Member of Parliament Eva Brinck for whom, as she wrote in Newsmill,  the support given to Assange by Left profiles such as  Ken Loach and John Pilger "stinks".

The Swedish anti-Assange Prataomdet media-campaign. Here described different stages by the campaigners own words:
"In connection to a discussion regarding the media coverage of the Assange case, Swedish journalist Johanna Koljonen started to tweet, openly and intimately, about her own experiences of drawing lines and negotiating gray [sic] areas in sexual situations. Hundreds followed Koljonen’s example on Twitter under the hashtag #prataomdet (”#talkaboutit”). As a result of this, several Swedish magazines, newspapers and other media outlets are publishing pieces on the subject. In a matter of days international media, such as The Guardian, Die Welt, BBC World Service, Norway’s Dagbladet, Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat, and others have followed." 
This is the public page called by Sweden Women Lobby for a “discussion on how to further work politically with the starting point of (Prataomdet Campaign) core issue”. The pamphlet start by clearly explaining what the core issue was: 

#Prataomdet is a public discussion in conjunction with the trial against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

As seen in the document below, main prominent speaker at the Conference is Claes Borgström (the lawyer of the plaintiffs in "THE TRIAL against WL's founder") from the firm ”Bodström & Borgström” mentioned above, here presented as the Social Democratic Party Spokesperson for Gender Issues. He should know there is no such a "trial" against Julian Assange. Assange has not even been charged by any Swedish prosecutor.

But also in the speakers list is noted journalist Maria Sveland, author of "The Bitter count" or "Bitter Bitch", and that according to her Wikipedia article (Swedish) has been entrusted with  several programs at the Swedish Radio. As well as Elin Grelsson, also journalist at the Swedish Radio in a variety of programs, now with a weekly audition in SR's P4.

"Arms companies"
Now, that the  Swedish "arms companies", or  the Swedish State "arms dealers", would like to get the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange or try to stop WikiLeaks disclosures, I have never occurred to write about, or so far not even reflected about However, in the context of the FOI /Saudi Arabia arms-factory deal disclosed by honest journalists at the Swedish Radio, the initiative of Swedish Radio International - of ascribing  to me the notion of an "arms companies" conspiracy against the WikiLeaks founder Jukian Assange - appears more like a suggestion to their own SR colleagues, for further investigations.
3. Finally, in numerous articles I have authored, among other in major sites such as Newsmill and Second-Opinion, I have specifically referred, over and over again, that I do not regard the various Swedish anti-Assange or anti-WikiLeaks campaigns as the product of all Swedish feminists, or all Swedish journalists, or for that part all the politicians of Sweden. See publication list on the issue The Swedish case against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, down below this text. In fact, in my analysis in Newsmill "Historical meaning of WikiLeaks, and Swedish myths on Julian Assange", 26 December 2011,xI published the following, under the subheading,

 "Radical feminists or feminist opportunists?" 

"One of the main myths spread refer to Julian Assange as “enemy of feminism”. The statement cannot be more far from truth. His liberationist platform clearly comprises the struggle for equal rights as identified by the international feminist movement. Conspicuous feminists, such as Naomi Wolf or in Sweden Helene Bergman have expressly given their support to Julian Assange’s struggle for justice in the context of the Swedish case against him. Recently, a letter sent by distinguished intellectuals, professors and culture personalities in Australia to the Foreign Minister, the Hon Kevin Rudd MP, included notable feminists of that country." "In strict ideological sense, left radical-feminists would find in true an identification of their societal purposes for justice and equality for all genders in the liberationist message of WikiLeaks as well as the actual statements of Julian Assange. Radical-feminists should not permit their spirit been kidnapped by right-wing opportunists, which in the base defend a political system opposing equality of all kinds."
I have during the day tried to get in contact with the “ansvarig utgivare” (responsible editor) of the said Swedish Radio Program, Mr. Ingemar Löfgren. As he has not made himself available, I have talked with Deputy Head for Swedish Radio Programs Ms. Monika Sandberg. We agreed I should leave a message to Löfgren, and that he “surely” would contact me. He has not replied.
I will write now in working days to the program producers and ask for a rectification. I understand I am entitled - according to Ethic and legal regulations - to a retraction by the said program.   


[1]  Also in Google search, there is a veritable long list of such references to "professor emeritus" by the Swedish Radio found under "professor emeritus" and  "Swedish Radio" or "Sveriges Radio"

[2] Julian Assange declarations to the press outside the London Court 2011

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Anonymous said...

A very good article! It is good this came up, because anti-Assange faction is representing this issue in a v simplified, but tried and true, fashion. You now had a good reason to remind the public that this one vocal minority does not speak for all women or feminists in the issue of women's rights and equality.

I would like to think the journalist was just careless with his language, but even if that is the case, it does not absolve from responsibility.

I await the retraction/correction by Swedish Radio.


Julia Snikere said...

Though not being a professional lawyer I have some conclusions about Mr. Assange's case or more precise - situation with two women. I think this charade played by Swedish politicians should be stopped once for all.
There's a thing: every person has their legal and mental capacity. The mental capacity means that people have their rights and duties (responsibilities) too. Those two women by trying to frame Mr. Assange are showing that they don't want to take their responsibilities. They just want their rights. This way they are daclaring their incapacity. They are declaring that they actually don't want to be equal with men. They don't want equal responsibilities. They want Mr. Assange be responsible for everything though they made their decisions to get in bed as equal persons. Those women are feminists (I suppose) and the feminism is all about equality with men. However now they are acting the opposite way and trying to persuade everybody that women don't have a mental capacity and should not take any responsibilities for decisions made by themselves. Actually, the Swedish politicians using this case want to throw women's capacity back to the Middle Ages. Politicians are manipulating with things they don't understand. They don't want justice, they want revenge by any means.
Being a woman (not feminist) I want to declare that all women have to have a mental capacity which includes responsibility for decisions made by themselves.

man said...

Julia, how would you react if someone sneaked a condom off during sex when you asked them to wear one? I don't see any harm in creating legislation for such a case. We live in a maturing world.

By the way, Feminism = "the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men."

Do you believe woman have equal rights to men in Europe right now?

Julia Snikere said...

Oh, please ... men said ... a men who is hiding his real name ...
OK, there is "The fact that the sex was consensual in all of the events is not disputed. One of the complainants, AA (Expressen, 21 August 2011), stated that both she and SW had consensual sex with Assange."