Friday, February 11, 2011

Matching critic on Reinfeldt's involvement in the Assange case

[For a critical analysis on procedures in the Assange police-investigation see here Naomi Wolf's guest-article in Professors blogg]

Crystal clear congruence at the London Court proceedings of today with our critic to Reinfeldt’s involvement in the Assange case (Professors blogg, Feb 9). Although the issue should be penetrated deeper I hope Assange's defence will prevail.

Reporting on the intervention of one of Assange's defence lawyers, Geoffrey Robertson QC, at the London Court proceedings of today 11 February, an article by Sam Reeves (AFP) headed WikiLeaks' Assange 'made enemy number one' states:

"It was this criticism [''Assange's lawyers have attacked the Swedish justice system''] that prompted Reinfeldt on Tuesday [8 Feb] to defend his country, telling reporters in Stockholm that it was "unfortunate that women's rights and standpoint is taken so lightly" in the defence presented by Assange's lawyers."

And this had Professors blogg published 9 Feb. in the  analysis "Assange’s lawyer’s error shouldn’t determine the case":

With regard to the  “peculiar” position of de Swedish Judiciary and its outmost  
artificially constructed proceeding in the Assange case.

These proceedings fit instead one hundred percent in the perspective-analysis of an active involvement of some Swedish officials, or institutions, as instruments in the geopolitical design of the foreign power they apparently obey.

I am aware how horrible and highly conspiratorial the above might sound, but I could myself hardly believe it was true – when I read an article in Expressen [8 Feb.] – that the very Prime Minister of Sweden Mr. Fredrik Reinfeldt, whom this column have elsewhere referred as a politician with honourable marks - made public statements involving officially and openly the Swedish government in the London Court deliberations referring exclussively to protecting the rights of the accusers  (the two women) involved in the Assange extradition process.

Let me first to recall that in my article published in Newsmill Jan 11  I clearly advanced the hypothesis on whether behind the Sweden case against Assange it truly exists the intention of making a pilot case of the event. Meaning, to use Assange's celebrity to reassure or move forwards positions in the Swedish legislative process towards a radicalization in the penalty of sex-offences, or the enhancing of criminal conceptualization in that regard.

In declarations published in Aftonbladet  "i samband med domstolsförhandlingarna om utlämningen av Julian Assange i London", PM Reinfeldt "reveals" what would be "really" the issue at stake. Reinfelt said concretely:

"Let us not forget what is here at risk. It is the right for women to have their case tested in court as to whether what they have been subjected of is a criminal abuse (offence)" 

– Låt oss inte glömma bort vad som riskeras här. Det är ju rätten för kvinnor att få prövat huruvida det har varit ett övergrepp som de har varit utsatta för."

I put in serious doubt that Reinfeldt  would really consider the content of his statement above as THE reason for the Swedish offensive aganist Assange and Wikileaks. For there is evidence that the "pilot-case factor" is only  a part in the constellation of causes behind the Swedish political crusade against Assange and Wikileaks.

Nevertheless, Reinfeldt did try also to defend the integrity of the kingdom’s judiciary – which would be totally understandable for his position as surrogate head of state (Sweden is still a monarchy and Prime Ministers receive formally the assignment from the king). However,  he just made things worst. What Reinfeldt in the main ended in pointing out - in the name of the Swedish government - was  the publicly taking side on behalf of the two accusers-ladies, for which he demanded respect very much exclusively. This is what he stated in Expressen:

"that in this way attempt to circumvent it and make it appear that their rights are worth very little, I think that's regrettable."

["att på det här sättet försöka kringgå det och få det att framstå som att deras  rätt är mycket litet värd, det tycker jag är beklagligt."]

On the other hand Fredrik Reinfeldt has tried a few times to give the notion that his government is “neutral” in the matter.  He had to lie to assert such statement. Everybody in Sweden knows however that Sweden is not only not-neutral any longer but also a proven and active subservient collaborator of the USA judiciary, their international political police (CIA), the USA military (including USA/Sweden joint-occupation forces in Afghanistan), not to mention the USA-controlled multinational corporations whose commercial and financial ventures in and by Sweden – for Sweden's own detrimental as independent trade mark -  are the everyday's national disgrace. 

And what about shameful collaboration in the illegal rendition of political prisoners in Sweden to CIA? Was that the monopoly of Person/Bodström social democratic government? The same rigth-win liberal newspaper Expressen ran recently a main article headed "Reinfeldt felicited by Bush for secret collaboration on terror", inserting this picture

How then, how could ever the same Reinfeldt, in the very same Expressen (article  of Feb 8, 2011, headed "Reinfeldt disappointed with the picture that spread on the Swedish Judiciary") pretend being so surprised about the world-wide spread characterization of Sweden  as having nowadays its official authorities and  institutions at the service of  the USA? 

Sweden killed Palme to sell her soul. Some opportunits wish now to sell her body. We will stop that with the help of Wikileaks, and this is a primary reason why we have to help in FREE ASSANGE NOW in a fair proceeding!

Let us retain Sweden dignified, neutral, democratic, republican, and sovereign!

Marcello Ferrada-Noli,
In Genoa, Italy, 11/2 2011

See also in Professors blogg on the Swedish case against Assange



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Anonymous said...

Intressant: Reinfeldt, Ask m.fl. bör förbereda sig på en kalldusch: Prejudikat visar att Marianne Nys EAW inte är giltig.

Marcello Ferrada de Noli (Italy) said...

Tack för länken.

Ni vid FB gör en utomordentlig relevant grävande arbete omkring fallet Assange.

Imponerande detta med ”Let's talk about it", som ni fick fram. Synd emellertid att den info. ej kom till London Court’s proceedings.

PB ska här skriva snart om detta - ett inlägg på engelska i ämnet.

Professors Blogg

Anonymous said...

In Nuremberg, we learned that one cannot say that you just obeyed, one must also think about the consequences of their actions. Arguments similar to Reinfeldt's comments that the legal system just puts the Swedish law into practice would have saved the lives of many in Nuremberg, if they were valid. If it is possible to arrest a man claiming probable grounds because of two ruptured condom which occurred in the middle of a suite of intercourses with two women, then one may ask if justice exists for men in Sweden.

Marcello Ferrada de Noli (Italy) said...


I see your point. However the justice-issue goes even further. Does Sweden prosecute all men in Sweden which get their condom broken? Do the Swedish prosecutors reveal to the media the name of all men which get their condom broken? Are all Swedish men with a condom broken put by the Swedish authorities in Interpol's most wanted list, and held incommunicado in a security prison, or get eventually bailed out - and still arrested - only if they pay am enormous fortune?