Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bodström & Borgström VS. Wikileaks

The role of Thomas Bodström in the accussations put up by his law firm against Julian Assange and the reasons why he would fear new Wikileaks disclosures

are central issues treated in the article authored by attorney Andrew Kreig "Partner at Firm Counseling Assange’s Accusers Helped In CIA Torture Rendition" of 13/01-2011. This article was this morning (14/01-2011) at the top of 10 625 other news in Google News about Assange and Sweden.

The thesis had been also developed in my article on the Swedish Assange-case published in Newsmill  11/01-2011, as accurately mentioned by author Andrew Kreig in his column.

Attorney Andrew Kreig is the Executive Director of the Human Rights organization Justice Integrity Project based in Washigton, USA, and a columnist in the Huffington Post.

Meanwhile CBS News reports the Wikileaks contribution of a substantial fund to the legal defense of transparency hero Bradley Manning

 Foto AP

And here in this recent Youtube video, Bodström & Borgström in a nutshell:


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Michael Zand said...

I wonder why Bodström left Sweden and moved to US. There has to be something he is trying to hide.