Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sweden’s phony prosecution against Assange is POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL

Clarie Harvey publishes today in Daily Telegraph a strong ad hominem article - by her own account - intended to question Assange's credibility

I found she has yet a novel angle in trying hammering one more nail into Assange's (and Wikileak's credibility) political coffin. However, it would have been fair and enough if Harvey declared her doing solely on ideological grounds. I mean, she would not need to appeal to untrue historical or cultural facts about Sweden, and thus putting the credibility of her anti "Assange" message at serious risk.

Sweden is still a marvelous nation and the absolutely vast majority of Swedes and most of Swedish institutions are not to be held accountable for the wrong-doings of some fanatic lawyers, a bunch of feminist-fascists, or some few corrupted politicians and journalists. Yet, in the context of the accusations against a devil Assange by a purported innocent, modern, democratic and neutral Sweden - as contended in the Daily Telegraph article - these are instead the facts to bear in mind:

a) Sweden was NOT neutral during World War II as contended in the Daily Telegraph article. Far from that. In actual fact, Sweden had a secret agreement with Nazi Germany which permitted all along the transit of German troops through Sweden in their way to occupied Norway. Prominent members of the Swedish establishment were Nazi or pro-Nazi, and Sweden sold to Germany the iron which held the weaponry manufacture in Nazi Germany ongoing.

The discussion around a Swedish involvement with the Nazis or their ideology is like never ending. One day could be on the solid racist research conducted by that time in Uppsala University, another  on the compulsory sterilization (see "tvångssterilisering") that prevailed in Sweden until recent decades. Today is about Swedish politicians and doctors stand on euthanasia, another on the widespread practice of cultural racism.   In these very days the Swedish media has been reporting alleged commercial doings of the current Swedish queen's father, "Walter Sommerlath, a German Nazi Party member" who  "made a fortune from a factory seized from Jewish owners in Nazi Germany".
The alleged “pro Nazi-tradition” in Sweden has partly explained the continuously existence of important racist and pro Nazi political organizations. One current far right-wing political party (not a Nazi organization but with a clear anti-immigrant agenda) not only enjoys representation in the Swedish Parliament but their MP's are also in position to ultimately decide whether to grant necessary majority of votes in the legislative process. In sum, Sweden is - unfortunatelly- known in Europe as one of the most cultural-racist countries, and where the integration of immigrants (accepted mainly as political refugees) is rated one of the lowest within the European Union.

One proof of the above is that foreign-born immigrants in Sweden, particularly young men, commit suicide at a dramatic higher significant rate in comparison with Swedes. The overrepresentation of immigrants among the Swedish suicides is not a rumor, it is a fact, a series of epidemiological findings I conducted at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and at Harvard Medical School in Boston, and which I have published among other in the Journal of Traumatic Stress (USA) and Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica.

b) The current foreign policy of Sweden is OPENLY declared as actively pro-NATO. Sweden troops participate in the military occupation of Afghanistan under the command of USA military. During the Iraq invasion of USA troops Sweden assisted with material and strategic aid in the bombing of Iraq shelters.

c) Wikileaks recent disclosures with respect to Sweden presented evidence on secret agreements between Swedish government officials and the CIA and FBI regarding the channeling to USA of political and private information of Swedish subjects. Further, and most aggravating, this was done without the legal-necessary clearance of the Swedish Parliament, to keep the public unaware and avoid risking the pro-USA collaboration of the Swedish authorities.

In this and other regards the Swedish governants are disclosed as serving primarely the interests of USA rather than the interests of their own nation, a subject developed also by Henrik Alexandersson. It is necessary to clarify that this servile collaboration with the USA-military and Intelligence establishment, and also with the right wing of USA politicians flourished already under the previous social democrat government of Goran Persson.  This is ONE among the strongest political reasons of Sweden's establishment vendetta against Assange .

d) The judicial and legal system in Sweden is absolutely not deprived of ideological and subjective assessments, as Harvey wishes to believe. She does not mention in her article that a senior prosecutor had disregarded the SAME case against Assange, which was reopened upon the insistence of a social democrat politician Mr. Claes Borgstrom. Neither does Harvey mention that the women did not seek the police seeking charges of rape against Assange. The charges were an after hand elaboration.  The women play now along with lawyer Borgstrom, also known in Sweden for extreme feminine-fundamentalist positions.

Neither did she mention that Mr. Claes Börgstrom was one main actor devising  the new - and notorious - legislation regarding sexual crimes in Sweden, and also a main promoter of a further radicalization of this legislation.

e) These expected radical modifications of the law - proposed by Borgström or the feminist-fundamentalists he is ideologically associated with - are based on IDEOLOGICAL and POLITICAL positions also promoted by a Swedish political party named “Feminist initiative” and shared by the radical and feminist-fundamentalist network also pejorative known as "Taliban-feminists". Ensuing the case against Assange made its debut the well organized, well promoted, and well publicized orchestration (so called twittering) of alleged similar cases than that attributed by the Swedish politician-feminist Claes Börgstrom to Julian Assange.

The lobbying exercised by concrete political parties and political-minded feminist journalist, the actual moving-forward of positions in the Swedish political arena -  using Assange / Wikileaks notoriety  - for a  further radicalization in the Parliament of what would be considered sexual harassment, etc. in  Sweden is the third clear-cut political motive in Sweden’s case against Assange. Discussing the Assange-case, the chairman of "Feminist Initiative" Gudrun Schyman declared recently in Newsmill (15/12-2010) that  the commented law "den kan bli bättre" ("it can be better")

f) As I have already pointed out, obviously not only Swedish banks, and the Swedish military industry, and some corrupted Swedish politicians are afraid of new Wikileaks disclosures. Many other countries in the world, including yours have reasons to feel threaten by the same kind of exposures. In the center of this fear you find the very government-author of all the hidden cable work which is now exposed to the light by Assange and Wikileaks. What they wish to do in order to smear Assange and by it discrediting Wikileaks, they do it by proxy. Sweden is apparently doing the dirty work, and besides the Swedish establishment, in which fundamentalist-feminist are a part of, have political and ideological reasons of their own.

Yet, the above (Sweden acting “alone”) do not at all negate the detailed reports from the Cuban official newspaper Granma 7/12-2010, transmitted by Prensa Latina on that one of the woman “accusing” now Assange is in fact a Cuban-born émigré to Sweden and which have deployed political activities in conjunction with CIA financed organizations. The above specific and concrete information has not been denied by Mr. Borgstrom, and it cannot possibly be discarded as merely “rumors” or "incredible stories".

Sweden’s phony prosecution against Assange is POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL

For some of us at the liberal left standing up for the truth  and transparence in the Assange affair our doings are also a POLITICAL act, as it is the defense of the Wikileaks initiative and the personal integrity of Swedes raped by the secret and anticonstitutional agreements (see Piratpartiet's stand) between the Swedish state and their CIA counterparts - precisely as recently disclosed by Assange's  Wikileaks! The difference is that we say it as it is and do not hide our political convictions behind manipulated law-paragraphs, revengeful bimbos, instigations of phony trials or flirts with feminist-fascism.

What is really at stake in this affair is a POLITICAL issue. It is about freedom of expression, it is about the fight of persons with integrity defending their rights against the assaults of a fascist Inquisition crusade led by these middle-aged intellectual lackays of and old aged imperialism. It is also about the fight  for truly gender equality and therefore a fight against dogmatism, obscurantism, and a false moral which can hardly hide an agenda of feminist gender-supremacists.

Marcello Ferrada-Noli

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Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall said...

The whole media storm around Assange reminds me a lot of the O.J. Simpson circus. I recall it very distinctly because I was a single payer activist. The week of his arrest (1993) was the same week health care reform (after being headline news for a year) died a quiet death in Congress. So what is the corporate media trying to conceal by beating Assange's sex life to death? Most of the information in the recent cables release is already widely available on the Internet. At the same time I find it surprising to find absolutely nothing about the "strategic" reasons the US is at war in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Nothing about the Pentagon agenda to foster the secession of oil and mineral rich Balochistan from Pakistan as a US client state - just like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and other former Soviet republics. Nothing about CIA support for the Baloch separatist movement. Nothing about the CIA training young Baloch separatists in bomb making and other terrorist activities to disrupt operations at the Chinese-built Gwadar Port (intended to transport Iranian oil and natural gas via Pakistan to China). I blog about this at

Klartexten said...

I think ure perfectly right! The bottom line is that Sweden is and allways has been a country ruled by hypocrits. The never speak the truth! They rather have u pull out their teeth than speak the truth.

Out of stupidity mainly. So I completely aggree with that the prosecutors motives are poltiical and ideological.

I am a SD (Sverigedemokrat) mysfelf and was surprised to see an honest and intelligent man like u supporting swedens very extreme immigration policy.

And I lack resistance in the immigration debate. I would love to debate the issue of muslim immigration with u, since ure smart and honest. Here or at my blog. Debating has so far been like taking candy from a baby!

Maybe u can stop me from "taking the candy"?
Would that be of interest?

Klartexten said...

BTW regarding the high suicide rate of immigrants. Is there any pattern as to the origin of these people? And approx. which time period are we talking about?

I can understand the compassion for people in hardship from muslim countries. But we have to see the bigger picture. Its time the muslim countries take responsibility for the mental and social welfare of their own citizens. It can not and should never be our responsibility. I see islam as the deeper cause of their problems.

Through immigration we import the problem and in the long run we will face the same problems as muslims countries do today, as islam grows here as well. What then?

The only solution is that the muslim countries are forced to solve their problems themselves. And honestly, that cant be done unless they get rid of islam, the root the problem. It prevents democracy and thus creates social problems, injustice, tensions, refugees and so on!

Were it not for them by pure chance having oil, those countries would starve to death basically! Cause they have no industry and science to speak of! They would be countries of beggers!

If we wanna help, there is really only one way: assist in their home countries. And no immigration (except pure labour immigration and maybe a very strict refugee immigration).

We have a responsibility first and foremost to OUR country and our
decendents. Those countries must solve their own problems! The hard way, if necessary.

I can only respect immigration if u can show its for the benefit of our country.
I respect if u dont publish this comment, since its out of line. But I was trigged by ur comments on SD and immigration.

Marcello Ferrada de Noli (Italy) said...

@ Klartexten

Thanks for the invitation to debate the Swedish immigration policy. However, I would not be the right person to contra-debate with about this issue since I am myself rather critical to such policy, although from another perspective. I expect to have soon an article developing the issue.