Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From Noli to Cape Verde. Pictorial

A brief pictorial of the Conference "Da Noli a Capo Verde" (From Noli to Cape Verde) from  September 19-20 2010, at the City of Noli, Savona (Italy). 

                            Major Ambrogio Repetto opens the Conference at the City Hall. Below,
                                            the Ambassador of Cape Verde Dott. Jose Eduardo Barbosa


                                                         The scholarly conference
                                          Dott. Jose Edo. Barbosa, Prof. Corradino Astengo, Major Repetto, 
                                     Prof. Alberto Peluffo, Prof. Ferrada Noli, Prof. Trevor Hall

                                                    Presentation of Dott. Marcel Balla

                                                                                Presentation of Prof. Trevor Hall

                                                                          Presentation of Capt. Vasco Pires

                                                    Presentation of Prof. Lourenço Gomes

City of Noli Major Ambrogio Repetto and Professor Mario Lorenzo Paggi 
(President of the San't Antonio Cultural Foundation) give a hand-crafted art-plate
to the scholars participants in the Conference

The recordatory Art-plate handed over to the scholars, all members of

                                 Members of the Board of the Antonio de Noli Academic Society

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