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The Board-Members affiliations of Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt. . .

How Bloomberg-Businessesweek’s Table “Board Members affiliated with Carl Bildt” shows our Minister of Foreign Affairs in a same “tree” connected to people at “Booz Allen Hamilton Corporation”, the NSA security contractor that employed Snowden? And with George Bush’s FM Condoleezza Rice? Pick your coincidence.

- Minister Carl Bildt viewed as “Assange’s prosecutor”

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According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Mr Carl Bildt would be Senior International Advisor at Akim Gum Global Solutions, "a data-capture company":

C Bildt - Akim

And in another site Bloomberg refers that Carl Bildt has a number of Board Members affiliations. Among these we found [see below in the image a shortened list  from "Board Members affiliated with Carl Bildt"]:

.bm affiliated with CBildt - arrows

Being Ms. Condoleeza Rice the former FM of George Bush, and being Booz Allen Hamilton Holding a NSA contractor (the security firm also known for having employed Edward Snowden)


Minister Carl Bildt "Assange's prosecutor"?

Not technically; but politically, yes; quite, I dare say.

Amid this intricate panorama of affiliations "connecting" executives at a variety of Board of Directors,  and these to companies' International advisors, or at the same time  corporation share-holders, that concomitantly form part of government's top ranks, and from there they are chasing whistleblowers and spying AND hacking on their people, well:
it is not surprising that some may (wrongly) conclude that they are also "prosecutors" of the messenger. This below founded in the post The Boos Connection, at the site My Own World News:
g de galles on Bildt

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