Monday, October 03, 2011

Beaten lady (Slagen dam)* in Stockholm’s Subway

Today, 3th of October 2001. I drive home from the airport and I catch on the radio the last seconds of P1 morning news. The transmission ensues with the program “Call from listeners” (“Ring P1”). In the first call a woman-listener tells with an emotive and touching  voice what happened while she  travelled in the Stockholm subway. Follows the account as I hear it. The airport vicinity produces radio interferences from time to time and some details could be otherwise:

The wagon was full. She is sitting in the nearby of a younger woman who have her feet /stuff resting in the opposite bench. An older man approaches and wishes to use the empty seat. The young woman denies and refuses to take away her feet, or stuff, from the empty seat. The woman-listener asked to her to leave space to the older man. The young woman turn towards the woman-listener and, still without removing her stuff from the bench, hits the woman-listener with “a big smash” in the face using her fist. The hit is on the eye and the woman bends amid pain and shock. The hit-woman from her part continued sitting, immovable, as if she nothing extraordinary has really happened.