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Naomi Wolf: "WikiLeaks aftermath. The Middle East Feminist Revolution"

Professors blogg's Introduction
The healthy and contagious spirit of the heroic uprising by Tunisian young men and women has reached as long as Egypt, and this for the time being. The role of the WikiLeaks disclosures in the region has clearly indicated the liberation potential that the struggle for transparency brings about. Middle East women are in the centre of these new world developments, and the insightful analysis of Naomi Wolf was highly needed.

While editing this post, I receive the "breaking news" about  a new scandalous event around the police investigation conducted in the case Assange. Namely, the police  woman conducting the interrogation turn out being a friend of one of the nominal  accusers of Julian Assange, and also a peer of the accuser at the very same political organization, the Social Democratic Party. All what  was apparently known already by the lawyers and other private investigators of the case which have studied the protocols so far available. Yet, the facts had never been made public before today  - by the mainstream media - to the Swedish readers at large. Why now?

Directly related to this development is the analysis by Naomi Wolf referred in Professors blogg about such interrogation-proceedings. At the light of these revelations, it appears obvious that the Swedish authorities handling the case against Assange and Wikileaks  were not favoured with the publication of the said Noemi Wolf's analysis in Professors blogg, which questioned  precisely the police interrogation-procedures in the case. This assumption is reinforced by the fact that the authorities surely knew long before of these relationships between the accuser and the police woman.

Professors blogg publicizes here another piece by Naomi Wolf, the prominent American writer and Human-Rights advocate. Her previous columns linked in these pages have been hard-hitting visited by Swedish readers. The subject of her column is highly contemporaneous and it will remain so, for it is about the emergent political awareness of women in the Middle East. This article, published by Project Syndicate, is here linked in agreement with author Naomi Wolf.  
Following Naomi's link, I present a brief pictorial with the theme Middle East Women by Arte de Noli, dedicated in Women's Day to those women fighting for liberation, transparency, revolution and truth./ Prof. Marcello Ferrada-Noli
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"The Middle East Feminist Revolution"
By Naomi Wolf:

"Among the most prevalent Western stereotypes about Muslim countries are those concerning Muslim women: doe-eyed, veiled, and submissive, exotically silent, gauzy inhabitants of imagined harems, closeted behind rigid gender roles. So where were these women in Tunisia and Egypt?" 

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A pictorial by Marcello Ferrada-Noli

1977. Outside Evian Prison at the Sha times

 Belly dancer

 Belly dancer Chatanoga

 Casa Blanca women

 Belly dancer Raya

Mourning another day in Warland

La 47

Rejection at the border

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